Matt Damon Vs. Ben Affleck


Not too long ago, Matt Damon made a video with comedienne Sarah Silverman. It's supposed to be a surprise for Jimmy Kimmel [who's dating the comedienne] on his birthday but got pushed back because of the writers' strike. Anyway, the video was kind of racy but funny I should say so I am not posting it here as I try to make this blog GP. If you want to see it, just go here.

As a retaliation, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he was preparing a video as well...and now it's done. Guess who's with him in the video?? Yep, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon's BFF...and Brad Pitt... and Harrison Ford...and Cameron Diaz...and other big stars...they even got Josh Groban in on it. They made some kind of a 'We are the World' video and they had some big names in it. Again the video is not suitable for anyone who doesn't like a bit of vulgarity. Watch it here.


Michelle said…
hahaha I had a good laugh reading this post. You really can't tell of what the kids think about the things around them. They are funny. :)

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