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A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about something that happened to my husband at Walmart. He was doing some grocery shopping [yes, my husband does grocery shopping] when this lady came up to him and said and I quote: “You need a haircut! Here’s my business card.” Yes, this is a true story. My husband didn’t tell me about it because he didn’t think much about this but I saw the business card by the kitchen counter so I asked him. My initial reaction was that of surprise. I have nothing against the woman but her way of advertising her business or her job is a bit tacky for me.

There is nothing I can do about it right now but if I knew about, I would have referred her to it. A fresh approach to Internet advertising is how I will describe That lady I am talking about wouldn’t have gone as far as approaching strangers in the grocery store to have some new customers. All she has to do is to register for free and she can advertise her service in her city and people will be able to find her there. At least now I can tell my husband what to tell those who will approach him for business next time: “Go to and register for free. Thank me later!”


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