NY Giants Beat the Odds

.....to win the Superbowl XLII title...making the more favored New England Patriots as one of their own player so aptly put it: Second Class. I didn't watch the game itself but I had this odd feeling that the NY Giants would win. Yes, the Patriots had the perfect season but one of their toughest game was against this very same team. They should have taken that in consideration...well, they probably did, it's just not their time to win a 4th Superbowl and be the first team to go 19-0 in Superbowl history. They fell a game short of that.

Days leading to this game, a lot of sportscasters, former football players were actually predicting this will happen. One of them even used what happened to the Patriots when they won their first Superbowl to predict this kind of upset. Patriots played agains the heavily favored St Louis Rams so they were the NY Giants team at that time. Isn't that ironic?

I guess Eli Manning can now be put up there along with his more famous brother...Peyton Manning who won the Superbowl last year with his team Indianapolis Colts. He was watching his little brother play from a box and was probably more pumped up than Eli himself. He said that he got a lot of text messages telling him to settle down and relax a little bit. Well, that's what big brothers do, right? They worry and cheer for little brothers.

Guess who's basking on the Giants' win aside from the Giants' themselves?? The Miami Dolphins!!! Because they get to keep the record of the only team to finish a season in 1972 with no lost at all - Superbowl included. So now the Dolphins can relax for a bit because they ARE still the record holder in that aspect. But hey, there's always next year.
Btw, I am kinda' glad that the Giants won,too. Why? Because they beat the team I was rooting for this season during the playoff games....the Green Bay Packers. That means that the team that beat them is really a better team this season because they now have the Superbowl XLII Title. Ha!

Source: NLF.com and Yahoo


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