Friday, February 8, 2008

Rhinoplasty Specialist


Back in the 1990s, a friend of mine had some kind of a nose job done. For a reason that I still don’t understand now, having a nose job done back then was something one was not proud about. It was such a big secret that she didn’t go out very much for about a month. If she did, she was usually wearing something to cover most of her face. I am just happy now that nose jobs are no longer being frowned at. Why am I happy? Well, I may just get a rhinoplasty one day. I think I may have a deviated septum since I seem to have a hard time breathing. And while I am at it, I may just ask the doctor to do some reshaping on my nose. Since this is my face we’re talking about, I want to have the best surgeon to perform the surgery.

The place…Rhinoplasty Specialist in Los Angeles…the doctor…Dr. Paul S. Nassif. Dr. Nassif is a well known surgeon in the Los Angeles area and was featured and interviewed in several TV shows already. Because of what he can do, he is known as the revision and ethnic rhinoplasty specialist. So if you’re thinking of getting a nose job done, visit Rhinoplasty Specialist first. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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