Scary World we Live in...


That's right...what a scary world we live in. Why? I just wrote an entry about the power outage we had at 1:00 PM which lasted for 30 minutes. I did not know what caused it, I thought it was just some cables being knocked down because of the strong winds we've been having since this morning. In other words noting serious, for me anyway.

Anyway, as I was browsing Yahoo News I came across an article on the real reason of the power outage. It was because a South Florida nuclear plant automatically shut down. It affected the whole state so it's on Yahoo. I didn't expect it to be on the national news but that's now what made me say that the world we live in is scary. It's this line in the article that got into me:

Terrorism? Wow...I'm just amazed how even a simple power outage nowadays is being equated with terrorism. Yes, I am aware that terrorism is a great concern of today but I just miss the days when a power outage is just a power outage. What has our world become into? Sad...


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