'Secret' Birthday???


Every time my or my husband's birthday comes along, our little one gets pretty excited. Of course she also gets excited about her own birthday. But when it's either my or my husband's birthday, she really likes to 'surprise' the celebrant. Her way of surprising us though is kinda' funny.

Funny in what way you may ask? She pretends that it's HER birthday! Why? So we won't know it's our birthday! And she's pretty serious about it also. My husband's birthday is this week. As soon as February rolled in, she's been telling me about surprising Daddy. Then she keeps telling Daddy that her birthday is coming up! Of course we're going along on the pretend birthday. She doesn't know that the trick's on her. Last week she got worried because Dad asked her if she's excited about 'her' birthday this week. She said yes but as soon as she got the chance she started telling me that she thinks Daddy really thinks it's HER birthday and the HE might get HER a birthday card and that she really tricked Daddy. LoL!!!

This weekend we went grocery shopping. I picked one of those ready to bake cake mix...it's a chocolate cake. As soon as I got it, she started getting worried because Dad's favorite cake is carrot cake and not chocolate cake but that we can't get carrot cake because Dad was with us and it will ruin the surprise. So the whole day Sunday, she kept asking Daddy if he likes chocolate cake.

Last year we had a "birthday party" for Daddy in her bedroom. Nothing fancy. Just some balloons on the floor, a birthday banner, a little decor here and there and a birthday cake. This year she's thinking of doing the same thing. I guess we will have a 'birthday party' for Daddy in her tiny bedroom then. Here she was last year singing Happy Birthday to Dad!


Michelle said…
Been reading what's new here til I read this one. Time for me to bed but I don't want to sleep without leaving a comment with this post. hehe Your daughter is so sweet. I had fun reading about her birthday tricks. That was funny and nice of her to get worried about the wrong cake for her dad. Now I can go to sleep. nyahahaha

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