Sedona Method...Technique for a New Earth


I’d like to believe that your life is what you make it. If you choose to be miserable, then you will be miserable. If you choose to be happy, then you will be happy. I do believe that but sometimes I just can’t help it when things happen thus resulting to me being unhappy. Sometimes, the people around us and the people we care about can also make us unhappy. But should it be that way? Shouldn’t we be the one who should dictate ourselves if we should be happy or not? I have not read much about it, but the Sedona Method seems to getting really popular because of its teachings on this very same thing: Happiness. How I or you can be happy just by following the The Sedona Method like millions of people around the world. And in their want to spread this method all over the world, there are free DVD and CD available for everyone.

One of the books that the Sedona method author is recommending is called A New Earth; Awaking to Your Life’s True Purpose. The book is written by Echart Tolles and gives emphasis on what is known as presence awareness. The book shows how one can live life free of unnecessary suffering which in essence is also affecting other people. I still have to read more about this book and how Sedona Method can be the Technique for a New Earth but from what I have read already, I think this may just be the case.


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