So you have this great idea of a business that you think you can pull off. You have the money for a start-up to buy the merchandise. Everything is set for, say, the online store or business you really want to have….everything BUT…the place to store all the things that you are planning in selling online. Yes, that very important space where you can store the merchandise that’s probably so in demand right now. What can you do? The start-up money you have is not enough to rent a place and maintain it at the same time…and you don’t have enough money as well to hire employees. Problem solved! Yes, problem solved! There is a place called…yeah, like ‘ship it to’. It provides virtual address and mail forwarding services for businesses that don’t have the needed space for their goods. Isn’t that neat??

Now anybody who has the dream of owning his or her own business can make that into a reality. Seriously! I know a few people who really want to do this and the only thing that’s stopping them is….yes, space or lack thereof! They don’t know where to store all those stuff they want to sell online. Ha! Now I can call them to tell them about Shipito! I wonder if I will get any kind of percentage from their sale for finding a solution to their problems?


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