Simple Helix...Knows What Fast Really Mean!!!


When I first started working online, it has become some kind of a habit for me to visit some websites that I really like everyday. I like to visit chat boards, cooking websites and some online stores. I used to visit a lot them daily but I stopped going to some of them because it became such a pain waiting for the pages to load. So to avoid being stressed out, I just stopped going to those sites that take forever to load. I’m sure I am not the only visitor those websites lost because of this problem. Another thing I am sure about is…these websites are not using Simple Helix. It’s probably the fastest server that’s around. It is an ecommerce webhosting provider that has dependable service as well as very affordable packages…as low as $4.95 a month Basic plan for personal websites and $19.95 a month Standard Plan for commercial websites. Both these plans don’t require any contract.

Aside from having affordable world class hosting, Simple Helix has a support that’s every customer’s dream. They have a knowledgebase where the frequently asked questions are found as well as a page for ticket where customers can submit questions or clarifications on their service. Now, is there any better website host out there than Simple Helix? I don’t think so.


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