Smartphones: Blackberry Vs. Blackjack???


Smartphones?? What are they? Are they phones that are smarter than other phones? Probably, eh? Anyway, I wrote in one of my entries that hubs is looking into getting himself a new phone - a company phone. He is looking at different Smartphones and he showed me a couple of them the other night. He said there's dozens and dozens to choose from. I don't have a celfone but I still like to see the latest out there when it comes to these small gadgets that has made life easier for some and complicated for others.

This first one is, of course, the famous Blackberry. I think this is the latest they have but then again they come up with a new one every second so this may just be old news. Oh well... anyway, this is one of the choices that hubs has.

This is Blackjack II. Hmmmm....I wonder why the call it Blackjack?? Not a clue here but it looks nice as well and it has some really neat features. I did not check the prices but I'm sure you can afford them. Hey, some even come free with a Contract of course. My husband has been with the same provider for the last 8 or so years...but he hasn't actually got a free phone from them but the very first one. He always buys the phone because he doesn't want that contract but come to think of it, he could have changed his phones numerous times for free because he never changes provider anyway. Maybe these providers should start thinking of giving their most faithful customers with a free phone without the contract. Don't you think they earned it if they have with that provider for almost 10 years? Hmmm....hey providers why don't you do that??


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