Justice Served!

Steven Bartlett, the builder that screwed us and 100+ families is found guilty of Grand Theft of more than $100,000 although in reality, he took more than $1 Million - close to $1.6 Million - from all of us combined! I cannot put into words how happy I am that this man finally got what he deserves. He is now in jail awaiting his sentencing on April 16, 2008 and he may get up to 30 years in jail. Serves him right!

The trial only lasted for 3 weeks. It was really fast because the case against him is really strong. The jury deliberated for 6 hours before deciding that he is indeed GUILTY! I am hoping and praying that he gets the maximum!

from tampabay.com by Dan Hewitt

Builder guilty of grand theft: Sentencing guidelines call for the Coral Bay president to spend at least 22 months in prison.

from TBO.com by Kyle Martin

Builder Found Guilty Of Grand Theft; May Get 30 Years


Gorgeous MUM said…
good thing justice works there!
tx sweetie said…
ano bang story nito Mizz J? paki explain po though it felt good that this criminal ay na sentensyahan na....kumusta napo kayo dito? sorry too long hindi nakabisita palaging bz eh...paki hug nalang sa maganda mong dalaginding.
J said…
I am so glad to hear about this. Justice is finally served.
Anonymous said…
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Ciela said…
Delayed comment na 'to J. Now ko lang kasi nabasa. he he..

You mean, kulong lang ang katapat nya? Hindi na nya ibinalik yung dinali nya sa inyo? Dapat sa kanya, mabulok sa jail!

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