Thanks Much.....

====================================== those of you who left some very encouraging notes/comments/tag messages in my entry about our long awaited house. How I wish I had a blog when our dilemma started in 2004. Why? Because if I had a blog then, I would have the chance to chronicle every bit of this life-changing experience we had and are still having, actually. The pain, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, brought about by one man's greed is still there but not as bad as it was when it first happened. What we're feeling right now are the financial repercussions of what that crook of a builder did to us years ago. I won't go into details into the financial effects but let's just say that the financial aspect of it all is not something we were ready to tackle. Fortunately, I have a husband who's willing to work in order for us to get by day by day.

Oopps....I didn't mean to be so dramatic about all these. I just wanted to show my appreciation to all of you who had so kindly left some encouraging words to me ad my family. Thanks.


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