We Survived....


...the power outage, the tornado, the storm! Well, I'm exaggerating here a bit...LOL. The power outage was a much bigger issue than what I anticipated. It's the headlines in most of our local news programs this evening. Where we're at, power was only out for about 30 minutes but other places had no power for hours. They are now saying it's some kind of a malfunction in or around the nuclear plant. About 3,000,000 were affected by this malfunction.

As for the weather, we were on tornado watch as well as storm watch since late this afternoon. It's mostly rain, thunders and lightning here. No tornado [thank goodness]. Anyway I'm off to Lalaland. I would like to thank those who left me messages on the tag board as well as comments in my entries. Your concern is very much felt and appreciated.


Gorgeous MUM said…
hope you're all good. take care always!
Yah when I heard that news last night it was you that pops up into my mind knowing you live in tampa florida.If you didn't post this I'm going to ask you about it hehehe.But good thing that everything is well there now.Ohh last night black out also here and I'm thinking what in world... black out there and here.Usually when we go to bed at least one light is on because I can't sleep without a light.I'm afraid in the dark.
Emzkie said…
oh my! thank goodness! hehehe.. i wanna see a real tornado but I dont want to experience it. hahaha. anyhow hope the weather there is not getting worst. =)

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