Yahoo and Microsoft...Together???


I've read of this a few weeks ago that Microsoft is bidding on Yahoo for millions of dollars - $44.6 Millions to be exact which will make share $31 each.

Per the Yahoo article by MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Business Writer:

In the most likely outcome foreseen by industry analysts, Yahoo will either begin negotiating the final terms of an amicable sale to
Microsoft or undergo a painful reorganization that would include relinquishing control of its search engine and a big piece of its advertising to rival Google Inc.

If it's rebuffed, Microsoft has indicated it may try to override Yahoo's board and take its offer directly to the company's shareholders in a battle that could drag on through the spring.

Microsoft still has time to weigh its options because the deadline for nominating a different slate of Yahoo directors — a key weapon in hostile takeover attempts — isn't until March 13.

Source: Yahoo


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