$204, 060 .....


Nope that's not what I have in my Paypal account....haha! Can you guess what that figure is all about? According to a survey - Survey Says!! - by the Department of Agriculture that's the average cost of rearing a child born in 2007! That's only for 1 child...and it's only the cost up until the child reaches 18 years old. No wonder some parents want their kids out of the house the day they turn 18...LOL.

Anyway, this figure applies to middle income family. There is a significant change if the income is way below the norm or way above the norm. If a family is making a little less than $46, 000 only that figure would be a little less than $149,000. If a family makes about $77,000 they can expect to spend about $300,000. Where do all this money go? Food, housing, health care and transportation. And yes, inflation was factored in the figure just like the other 'necessities'.

Whew...those are some figures. Are they for real? Probably. But just a lot of other surveys, this one can be true to some and not to others.

From Yahoo News


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