$42 Million for Rebate Letters????


So the Economic Stimulus Package has been approved a while ago. How much is in the package? About $168 Billion. The most awaited part of this package is of course the Rebate Checks that American households will be getting in the mail very soon. The IRS said that they will start sending out the rebate checks as soon as the tax refund checks are sent out which is probably by April. So May 2008 is the target month to start sending out the rebate checks.

But before they actually mail those rebate checks, the IRS will be mailing letters to the lucky [or unlucky?] recipients of the checks. These letters - the announcement letters - will cost approximately $42 million dollars!!! Huh? About 130 million households will be receiving the letters and at 32 cents a piece, yes, that's equal to about $41.6 Million for Rebate Letters.

Wouldn't that be a waste of money? All $42 million of it? Really now.


Anonymous said…

etong rebate check eh useless- sabi stimulus sa economiya- eh wa epek- pipol will likely use this to pay off their bills. I believe it's welfare check. Kaya tuloy ang value ng dolyares plummeted :( Hay naku Amerika.. wake up LOL!


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