Baby Boom...Twins...


Celebrity Edition. I posted yesterday about the possible twins that Angelina Jolie is having in the very near future. As I was browsing through the online entertainment magazines, I came across a picture of the latest twins by a celebrity...Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony's twins. They are in the cover of the latest People's Magazine. Yes, those are some cute little babies but did you know how much they're saying that 'coveted' pictorial cost People's Magazine?? Any guesses?? Yep, it's in the millions....$6 Million!!! Yes..that's a 6 followed by six zeros and a dollar sign before that 6!

Those kids are not even a month old and they already made more than I will probably make in my lifetime - well, before I hit the big lotto jackpot of course. Seriously though, that's a lot of dough if that's true that they're getting that much.

Do you think it's too late for me to change profession????



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