Back Home...


from running some errands and visiting the house. I have not had the chance to blog hop much today so my apologies to my visitors. I'll try and do some hopping later on...maybe after dinner.

Anyway, it seems that everything that's being done to the house now is all in slow motion. I guess that's what happens once the house itself is built. I think it only took a about a week or so to actually see the house go up. But once it's up, geez... it seems that they barely do anything anymore. This week they only did some of the boxes for the outlets which by the way were cra..y, the driveway and the walkway and the screen for the back porch. That's for a week. We were hoping that we can move in before the little one's birthday but it may not happen. Oh well....we've waited for 4 years so what's 4 more weeks, right? It's just kinda' frustrating because there are days when no work has been done at all.

Anyway, my short post turned into a whine...I have to get off now to continue with dinner. I'll see you all later.


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