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What is Feng Shui? It is an ancient practice that is believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven and earth thus resulting to harmony. I know a lot of people who either consult a feng shui expert or read as much as they could about feng shui before doing just about anything. I stayed in Taiwan for years so I have seen how Chinese people really practice this. But Feng Shui is not the only Chinese practice that people from all over the world are adapting especially now that internet is around. People from just about anywhere can learn about this from the oldest and largest Feng Sheu shop and resource… has about anything and everything on Feng-Shui. This online resource also has a paid membership called The Dragon Club. Anyone can join for a yearly fee and enjoy privileges and benefits like discounts, double Dragon points and some special members only offers. But if one makes a purchase of $200 or more, then a 1-year membership to the club will be free. So if you practice Feng Shui and you are interested with different Chinese practices, visit and see what they have in their site. Looking around is free anyway.


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