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Blogging is a lot of fun. That’s the first and foremost reason why I started doing it although I knew there are some people making money doing it. After a while, I tried the paid blogging myself using the free web hosts. Then I decided to buy my own domain still using a free web hosting. Not too long ago, I read that a lot of the bloggers are being deactivated because they are using some free hosting while doing the paid blogging. It hasn’t happened to me or anyone I know yet but now I am starting to consider looking for the best web hosting out there. I don’t want to take the chance and deactivated in the future. In my search for the best web hosting out there, I came across Kaushul Sheth’s website that has the Best Web Hosting Company. He just didn’t copy the list from someone else’s list. He read and research a lot of the Top 10 hosting list then came up with his own based on this research. After reading what he wrote in his site, I am seriously considering one of the web hosting sites he has listed in his site. I would rather pay the price of paid web hosting than pay the price of deactivation.


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