Big Belly = Dementia????


Okay..this one scared me. Actually I am not sure how I felt but according to this study, having a big belly in your 40s [hello husband!!! LOL] can boost the risk of later Alzheimer's disease or any other dementia in the future. Whoaa.....

So aside from heart problems, stroke and diabetes, dementia is another thing that those who are obese should watch out for. How credible is the study? As credible as the other ones I guess. Well, I believe that having the excess poundage can and will always result to future problems, I just didn't expect to see Alzheimer's in the list.

Hmm...the husband is in his 40s but he has been 'forgetful' since who knows when. He actually has a short memory span on some things like movies or shows he watches. It's funny sometimes when he couldn't remember the plot of a TV show we already watched a few months back. Oh no...this means I have to ask him to lose that cute round belly of his...wahh!!!

from Yahoo News


Bless said…
Hahaha my hubby have a kinda flat belly but he is has short memory especially on names :-)

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