Yes, I got a chicklet. A very thoughtful Nelle of Lucid Creativity made it for me!!! Thanks Nelle! I really, really appreciate it. I have been getting bunches of flattering remarks from you and Mommy Ruby and I can't put into words how much you two are appreciated. How about: You two are very much appreciated!" LOL...see creativity in me strikes again...huh??

I zoomed it out a bit for this entry but I will be finding a spot for it in all its size and glory on my sidebar as soon as I get the chance.

Thanks again, girl!


Nelle said…
When your creativity strikes, it's hilarious I tell you! haha

okay, I'm off to bed too coz I'm getting disoriented and dozing. lol

laterz, take care.
Nelle said…
its Nelle btw. lol

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