Cleaning and Laundry Day


It's a big day for me today...LOL. It's my big laundry day and I'm also planning in doing some cleaning...spring cleaning maybe?

I have a lot of pending tasks to do but they just have to wait as I can't function well with the laundry and the cleaning hanging over my head. I think clearly when I know that there's no chores to be done.

Like I have been yacking here, we are also moving soon. There are boxes after boxes, both empty and filled up already, on the kitchen floor. I try not to look that way but it's hard when my so-called office is the dining table and the kitchen is within my peripheral vision.

So I'll be off for a few to tackle the tasks at hand. Wish me luck as I tread my way through the mounds of laundry and boxes and what nots in this place we call home.


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