Nope, I am not cold rather....I have the sniffles....cold..or colds however you say it. In Tagalog...sinisipon ako. In Kapampangan...atin kung sipun Kabalen!

My little one started having it when she had a slight fever - 101.6. The fever went away but the cold stayed. She's not slowing down though. She tries to 'use' the line "I think I'm still sick" but I know she's not feeling that bad. I guess the tiny smile she has on the corners of her mouth gives it away. She's nasal though and she sneezes more now.

So now, after days of trying not to catch it...I caught it. Isn't that nice?? And how does a person with allergies like me who is constantly sneezing and blowing her nose can tell if it's indeed a cold or just the usual allergy attack??? I guess the pain in the back of my mouth and nose are two main signs.

I am not feeling icky or anything like that. I'm just a bit tired...wait, that's not from the cold that's from me not sleeping early enough to get that right amount of sleep. Oh well...

So I am signing off for now...maybe for a minute or two or until I get the urge to come back online again. Which ever comes first, okay? I'll see you all later...

Enjoy 'hump' day!!!


""rarejonRez"" said…
ikaw na naman ngayon?
wala na sa amin and thank God kasi ngayong sunday na ang alis namin. but my housemate who just arrived from pinas last night had colds kasi daw ang pangit ng panahon sa atin. tapos from hot to cold yung travel nya. sana lang di na kami magkakasakit dun. mahirap na. talagang bawal pa rin.

i hope u feel better soon!

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