Creative Ruling...


or whatever others would call it. There's this judge in Pennsylvania who is known to be giving out creative ruling to some law breaker. The last one he handed is for 3 of the 4 who faced prison because of criminal conspiracy to commit robbery. Can you guess what Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. asked them to do instead of staying in jail for 4 to 24 months more?

He told them to learn/write English, get a GED and get full-time jobs. If they choose to do that, they stay out of prison and be on probation while meeting these 'requirements'. If not, then they go back to jail.

Isn't that creative? Is it fair? I'm not sure, maybe, maybe not. But don't they offer classes in prison where inmates can actually earn degrees if they want to?

Anyway, this judge is indeed different from the others. I'm not sure what other creative ruling he handed in the past but I would surely look it up.

from Yahoo News


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