A Daughter's View on a Mother's Secret???


My late mother used to be a teacher. She worked full time until she got married at age 29. After getting married, she decided to stay at home and quit her teaching job. Since my father was supporting his mother, they had to stay with my grandmother after they got married. My mother was at home all time and didn’t have many friends in our area because she came from a different part of the country with a different dialect. She was always cooped up in the house. I remember seeing her at times like she was all alone in the world.

Looking back now, I think she may have suffered some bouts of depression that was left untreated. She gave birth to 6 kids so it was very possible. But we lived in the province and anything out of the norm is not accepted. Post partum depression was never heard of there so if a mother suffered from it, it was a big shame to the family that it was almost always kept a secret. So I consider myself luckier than my mother because today Depression Treatment is around. Others still frown at those who are openly getting treatment for depression but at least, help is there. What is even better is there are places that offer individualized treatment. It means that each person is treated accordingly. How I wish there are places like Depression Treatment before when my mother was probably suffering from this sickness. Then maybe, just maybe, she could have been lived a more normal life instead of hiding from the rest of the world.


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