Debt Trap


I hate having debt. Who doesn’t anyway? I try not to get into it as much as possible. So I try not to go beyond my limits in order to avoid being in a ‘debt trap’. Unfortunately a lot of people are in this situation…in the middle of a ‘debt trap’. I know of someone who is contemplating of filing for bankruptcy. Fortunately, someone advised her to go for debt counseling. She did and it helped her but it wasn’t easy for her. Her experience made me more aware of this kind of situation so I tried to read more on debt consolidation and the choices one has when in a ‘debt trap’. This is where I learned that there are debt consolidation referral services around like My friend was directed straight to a debt consolidation service. She did not have the choice of finding one that best fits her need. Now I know where to go if I or someone I know is in such situation.


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