A Dependable Assistant....


I have mentioned here in my blog that my husband has a small business. It’s been 2 years since he and his partner started it and so far, it’s doing okay. It is a really small business and they only have themselves to take care of it and a part-time accountant who comes in once a week or even less sometimes. Since it’s just the him and his partner there most of the time, they have to do everything from building the feeder bowls to filing paperworks and mailing whatever needs mailed. Sometimes they tend to overlook that they already ran out of postage …and that of course would sometimes make them behind in some things like mailing their customers PO and invoices.

This happened not too long ago. They didn’t realize that they were out of stamps already when they were about to mail a check to one of their vendors. Yes, that’s a hassle because then they would have to run to the post office to get the stamps and mail the check. This made me mention online stamps to my husband. I think it’s very convenient way for them. Instead of running to the post office everytime they can just start printing stamps and labels right there in their office. Dynamo LabelWrite will be perfect for them because it does what an extra personnel can do. It’s very easy to use and it’s a less expensive choice because they don’t need to provide a health insurance for it. Yes, this is a dependable assistant in the making. Ha!


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