Gearing Up for Summer


I grew up in a country where the sun is shining most days during the year. So I learned not to stay out too much because I have heard a lot of horror stories about the damage sun can cause to my skin. I am aware though that I won’t be able to run away from the sun forever especially now that I have a very active little girl who cannot get enough of the outdoors. So if I can’t keep her indoors, I have to find a way to minimize if not prevent whatever damage the sun can do to her skin. One site that has UV protective clothing is Sunsational Style. Aside from the clothing, they have everything imaginable for sun protection, even skin cancer resources and sun protection education. Now I don’t have to worry about my daughter whenever she’s out there playing under the blazing heat of the sun. With all the protective gears I can get from Sunsational Style, she can enjoy the outdoors as much as she wants.


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