Glasgow, Scotland...


I have a few friends who now reside in the UK. One of them was a high school classmate who I just reconnected with last month. I knew he lives in UK with his family but I didn’t have any of his contact information…until I bumped into him in our high school’s alumnae website. So now we’ve been exchanging messages. He said that he's planning to relocate to Australia within this year. But before he does that, there is one place in UK he really wants to visit: Scotland! He thinks he won’t have the chance to visit it for a long time if he does not do it before they relocate. I couldn’t agree more. Since he has no relatives or friends in Scotland, he is now looking for some accommodations for him and his family and the list of Glasgow hotels I found just now would surely be of great help to them. How I wish I could visit with them before they move but it’s not possible at the moment. Well, maybe in the future. My family and I may just go on a tour and I could use the list of the Glasgow hotels I have right now.


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