Glass or Stone Vessel Sink?


There are several key things to consider when choosing a vessel sink. The two most popular materials that vessel sinks are constructed from are glass and stone.

Glass vessel sinks are commonly installed in home and business bathrooms because they are less expensive than stone vessel sinks and they are also very stylish. The trade off is that glass vessel sinks are not as durable as stone vessel sinks.

Stone vessel sinks are a more expensive initial investment. But, a stone vessel sink is a purchase that is likely to last longer whereas a vessel sink made of glass will likely need replaced sooner.

Some people prefer to install vessel sinks made of other materials like ceramic. Ceramic vessel sinks generally range in the middle in terms of durability and price.

When choosing which type of vessel sink is best for you, you should consider how rough the people using the sink will tend to be on it. If you have kids who might be very rough on a sink or if you think you might drop something on your sink that may crack it, you may want to choose a more durable stone sink for your bathroom.


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