Good Friday...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ here in the US. This is my 6th? Maybe 7th Good Friday. Yeah, this my 7th one in the US. Not my 7th away from the Philippines though because I was away too before I flew here for good.

Not much happening here except the usual blogging and household chores. Tomorrow though we will be attending a family Easter picnic. It's going to be a first in 3 years or so because we have not attended any in the past few years. It's a long story so I won't waste time and space as to why that is. Our little one is very excited about it for weeks now...since we got the invitation in the mail middle of last month.

Easter Sunday is the day we paint home. We just stay at home on this day. I personally spend some time alone to do something 'spiritual' since I can't go to church. In time I will be able to do that again. For now, I have to make do with what I can.

Happy Easter Everyone....


Arlene said…
happy easter girl! hope you're having a great time:)
emma said…
happy easter din mommy ju.baka di ako makcheck na ng blog from tomorrow to the 27th..have fun!
nasubukan ko na yong skateboard. nainis lang yong anak kong lalaki at buong time e nakasunod at nakahawak sya sa akin.

yong pics hindi pa ko pa na upload. katamad e.

happy easter!

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