Happy Easter Everyone!!


I'll be logging in few here. Our little one is bugging us already for us to get ready for the picnic. I've had enough of this 'picnic' talk that I am ready to pop. I'm just glad it's here because I don't think I can take another day of: "I'm so excited for the Easter Picnic!"

She finally went to bed at around 11:45 last night after I told her that the fairy may not come at all and that we may not be able to attend the picnic because she'd be tired. Hayy!! And for the record, the tooth fairy did come - can't let her down no matter what...and we're going to the picnic.

Let me sign off here now. Happy Easter everyone and let me leave you with these 2 poor bunnies:


Nelle said…
hello Juliana! Happy easter, thanks for dropping by at my blog and yes, I'm doing fine, thanks. Have fun at the picnic. Take care

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