Home Away from Home....


My husband was born in Pennsylvania. He still has family there that he wants to visit sometime. I also would want to see where he grew up as well as meet his relatives who I have not yet met. One of his brothers actually invited us a year ago but because my husband was so busy with his new business, we were not able to make it. Even if he has family there, I told my husband that I don’t really want to impose on them. That means we have to look for some place to stay while we are there. Since we’d probably be staying there for about a month or so, we want to find some place to stay like Lewisburg Luxury. I checked the kind of properties they have for rent online and they look really impressive. Wood floors, Kohler fixtures and other nice amenities. So if and when we decide to visit Lewisburg, I know where to find a temporary home away from home for us: Lewisburg Luxury.


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