Horton Made $45 Million....


on its opening week making it the best opening so far this year! How's that for a hit?? Thanks to us...haha. Nah, I'm sure there's more than 'us' that made it $45M. It's now one of the top grossing 6 movies that opened in March.

My little girl is still gushing about it and her first movie experience. She keeps saying: "I'm really glad I went to watch my first movie already"...LOL.

Anyway, it's laundry day for me today...well, part-laundry day because I had to cut it short yesterday for the "big movie date"....so now I am left with one load of laundry. We just finished breakfast..yes, we woke up late because I went to bed at 1 AM already. Bad for my allergies but I just can't help it sometimes.

I'll be around. I'll be in and out of the blogging world because I have empty boxes to fill and some laundry to fold. Hopefully, my coding will be busy this week just last week. Keeping my fingers crossed on that...

See you all around.


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