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It's just a tag fellas, actually tags...don't worry I'm not getting all self-centered here....haha! The first one is from D'Cooking Mudra herself and the second one is from the Chic Shopaholic herself...Gracie. Thanks much ladies!

Tag #1: "I"

I AM… first and foremost a mother AND a wife
I WANT…to get in touch with some friends I have not heard from for YEARS!
I HAVE… a supportive husband and a lovely daughter.
I WISH… I can drive and swim.
I HATE…snakes, snakes and snakes!!! Did I say I hate snakes???
I FEAR… snakes!
I SEARCH… high and low...LOL. I'm done searching...I found HIM already.
I REGRET…not going home for Christmas of 1999.
I LOVE…my family.
I ALWAYS… go online.
I AM NOT…vain.
I DANCE... in my dreams. I don't dance.
I SING…whenever I want to.
I CRY…when our little one is hurting...physically, emotionally or for any other reason.
I WRITE…almost everyday.
I WON…the lottery. Kidding...
I AM CONFUSED…how Google gives Page Rank!!!
I NEED…to eat lunch soon because I am starving!
I SHOULD…go back to working instead of tags...LOL..



Tag # 2: Survey...Q&A

1.Nasubukan mo na bang magkagusto sa mas matanda sayo? Hmm...nope. May nagkagusto sa akin na mas bata...haha.

2.When was the last time you ate adobo? Months ago.

3.Gaano ka importante sayo ung cellphone mo? Right now. Not important at all.

4. What is your favorite song? Bunches.

5. When was the last time you watched in cinema? Truth be told...2001...Harry Potter's first movie version. Why? I was already pregnant then and after having our little one, we just never had the chance to go to the movies...BUT..we may be going this weekend..woo hoo!! To watch Horton....yep, the little girl wants to see it.

6.Are you conscious of yourself? Sometimes. Don't we all get conscious of ourselves every one once in a while.

7.Naranasan mo na bang ma- insecure sa iba? When I was younger sure. Now...not anymore.

8. Naranasan mo na bang pag-agawan? Pag-agawa ng ano? Pulis? haha...

9. Who is the person whom you hated most? I don't have anyone. I probably dislike some people at one point or another...but not strong enough to become hate.

10. What’s the reason? in disliking some people? It varies.

11. What is your best asset? My family...haha. Physically? My eyes? Teeth? My hair...ang dami...seriously, I really don't know.

12 .What is the color of your nails? No color. I don't color my nails.

13. Who is the last person you talked on the phone? My husband.

14. Gano ka kadalas lumabas ng bahay niyo? Haha...ano yun? Madalang...

15 . Are you close with your cousins? When I was younger, yes. Now..we all have our own families so we don't get to get together anymore. The cousin who I was the closest to passed on last year. It's sad because he was very young.

16. What is the name of your dog? Dog-less here.

18. Do you wear ring? wedding ring and my engagement ring.

19. How about bracelets? Yes. All the time.

20. Do you wear braces? Never did...perfect teeth eh..hahaha. Nah...too late for braces.


1. Are you happy? Yes, I am but I can be happier.

2. Who are you chatting with right now? Me Myself and I

3. What’s the last thing you bought? Hmm...can't remember.

4. Who were the last people you hung out with? My daughter and my husband.

5 . Have you ever broken a promise? I think.

6. Have you ever fallen apart with a friend? Huh? You mean...falling out with a friend? I don't think so.

7.What are you most excited about? Moving into our new house.

8 . What do you usually do when you’re bored? Watch TV, sleep, surf online, play with the little one.

9 . Who was the last person to text you? No one. I don't text anymore.

10 . Who was the last person who gave you a testimonial? Huh?

11. Do you talk to yourself? Don't we all?

12. What do you do when your heart is broken? Fix it. Ha!

13. Are you a good friend? Yes, I am.

14. What is your hobby? Play the guitar, sing, cook, TH baker

15. Are you artistic? In my own little way...haha. Nope...not even if my life depended on it.

16. Do you wear contact lenses? No. I wear glasses though sometimes.

17. What is your favorite food? Palabok, Paksiw, atbp...

18.Have you ever lost your phone? Never.

19. Who do you miss the most? My family back in the Philippines.

20. Will you ever admit to your crush that you like him/her? Hmm...when I was younger and unmarried..NO! Hahaha....

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hello ate J. Can I grab this Q& A then post in my site...thanks te.


L-O-S-T. I guess that about sums up how I'm feeling right now...with blogging anyway. I don't even know how to start this post. 😕...