Invisible Calamity....


Right now here in our state, some insurance companies are refusing to give policies to homeowners. Why you may ask? Well, because they say that they are losing money since we are prone to some natural calamities. What natural calamities? How about hurricane and flood? So it got me thinking, are these the only things or calamities that we, the homeowners, should worry about that’s why we insure our homes? Apparently not. Like I have been blogging here for a few months already, we are moving to a new house and one of the things they did before pouring the concrete on that house was to spray for bugs. The county requires that all new houses should be sprayed now because the pest problem is just getting out of hand. Unfortunately, houses that were built years ago were not required to have the spray so it’s possible that this house we are living now was not sprayed. So I am thinking of asking my husband to look into asking Terminix to come and check this house see if we have this invisible calamity. I am hoping not but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


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