Iridescent Glass Tiles


During the time that my husband and I were ‘house shopping’, we went to a lot of model houses. We went from the cheapest one that we could find to the most expensive one that the realtor would let us see. We knew we couldn’t afford those high end houses but hey, there’s no harm in looking [and drooling], right? One room I usually go to check is the bathroom. I’m not sure why but I like bathrooms, clean ones of course. And in one of the houses we went to, they had the sparkly tiles on them that I only see in good hotels or the houses of some well-to-do families. The tiles are called Iridescent Glass Tiles according to the lady. I like the effect they have in the bathroom because the tiles make the bathroom give the bathroom a touch of sophistication.

We are not having the Iridescent Glass Tiles in the new house…yet because of budget constraint. We are planning in upgrading the house down the road and putting these shimmering tiles would definitely be one of the upgrades.


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