It's been 8 Years....


...since my dear mother passed on. Every year on this day, I still feel the same sadness I felt 8 years ago when I got that dreaded phone call that she had indeed left us. That would be a first...her leaving us and leaving us for good that is. My mother NEVER left us...not once in our lives. WE left her to live our lives but we always came back to her when life gets too much for us to handle...and she would always be there to get us through whatever it was.

I wasn't there physically when she left us but she wouldn't have had it any other way. She always tried to shield us from anything that could potentially hurt us...especially me. That's her way of protecting us.

So today, I am giving her the 'tribute' the best way I could possibly give her. Letting the world know that I had [have] a mother who will always be the greatest woman for me. I am slowly becoming "into her" and I wouldn't have it any other way. I miss you, Nay!

Here's her picture when she graduated in college. She was a Teacher. Now you know why I chose to be one myself.

This is where that picture of her and my father's are....pasted on my graduation picture. It's them that made me work as hard as I did to get where I wanted to in this is where I want to keep them...close to my heart.

P.S. --- Forgive my hair..the birds were sleeping on the nest on my head when the picture was taken and I didn't want to bother them so I didn't 'disturb' my hair.


tx sweetie said…
kaka touched naman tong entry nato Mizz J.gustohin ko mang makita yong bird's nest hair mo hindi ko makita kasi nakax sa akin.Hindi ko rin makita ang sa Nanay mo x din eh.
Anonymous said…
Hi, just doing some exploring. I'm sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts. My Mama went home to Heaven 7 years the end of this month.Time passes so fast. I miss her so much still (I guess we always will) I'm thankful to know she is with the Lord and He has been such a comfort and stregnth to me.
Your Mom was a pretty lady and looks like a sweet person. I pray you can lean on God for your strength.
Anonymous said…
that must have been one dreaded call nobody wants to get mommy Jul.gaya nga ng isa sa card na natanggap namin when my MIL passed away."Nobody will know the sorrow that you feel than another person who lost a mother".Im sure mommy Jul, she's proud of what you have become and will become.kaso diko makita picture..why?
PinayWAHM said…
Testing...just trying to see if I can comment here....
ano ba yan! tomorrow i'll write about my papa kasi he died 8 yrs ago too.

nakaka-miss ano? i did the draft na nga and after finishing it i was crying na.......

anyway: mahusay ka palang ma-mingwit!
you've got to be kidding me.

tomorrow's my papa's birth date. he died july 18 2000.

ano ba yan!

thanks for the greetings. hwag ka na magtanong ilan taon ako... bad yon!
Michelle said…
wow, what a touching tribute post for your mom. thanks for the hop again and may you have a nice day! :)
Michelle said…
wow, what a touching tribute post for your mom. thanks for the hop again and may you have a nice day! :)
Gorgeous MUM said…
i bet that was hard during those times! but i'm sure both your parents, especially your mum is very proud of who you are and what you are today!

it's my brother's and hubby's mum's birthday today. and both of them are also up in heaven!
i dont see the pic. but i lost my papa 15 years ago. so i can really emphatize with your loneliness about losing someone i love.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mommy Juliana,

This entry brought tears hehe nakakaiyak. I wanted to give you a BIG HUG!!! >>>Juliana<<<<. I know your Mom is proud of you- san man sya ngayon- she's soo lucky to have a daughter like you.

O cge enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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