Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Time for Seiko

My father loved watches. I remember him coming home wearing a different watch every time. He had this friend who used to fix watches and then would sell them. I think my father was his model or something. Anyway, with all the watches his friend would let him wear, his most favorite ones were Seiko watches. These watches were and are still very famous where I came from. And because of my father’s liking to Seiko Watches, my siblings and I also developed the same liking to this brand. As a matter of fact, these watches are always a big hit as gifts to them. This is why I am happy to stumble upon a website called Bluedial.com. The site offers much more than other places. Their watches are genuine and ARE guaranteed to be genuine. Aside from that, they offer free sizing as well as a 2nd day shipping. Now I know where to go when my relatives back home request for a watch on their next birthday.

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