Jade and I...


When I was about 10 years old, my father handed me a something very precious. It was my birthday and before I left the house to attend the mass, he gave me a necklace with a gold chain with big jade pendant. It was the most expensive gift I've ever received at that age. Unfortunately, I lost the necklace. It was devastating but I couldn’t do anything about it. From that day on I developed some kind of an affinity with jewelry that has jade on them or those that are made of jade.

So when I went to Taiwan to teach, one of the first things I bought were pieces of jade jewelry. One of which was a jade bracelet for my mother and some bracelets for my other relatives. I don’t have any jewelry right now that is made with jade except for one baby bracelet. I really want to buy some pieces some day. I just don’t know where to find them….until today. I learned that I can buy Ethnic Chinese jewelry & Asian home decor @ Jadeseal.com. It’s an online shop that has the things I’ve been looking for like these….

Aside from being ethnic and authentic, they are very affordable. I didn’t know I could find these at such prices. Can you tell I’m happy???


Sunshinelene said…
Yeah wiht your US money, jades are very affordable. In china, with my kind of income, i still won't buy 1. hahahaha! but i was blessed with 2 neclaces (1 mouse for my birth year and 1 mama mary carving - given to me because they think am Christian) they are colored green.

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