John McCain wins GOP ...Clinches Rep's Presidential Nomination


Looks like Mike Huckabee's fight ended today. He conceded today therefore John McCain won the Republican's Presidential Candidate for the November 2008 election. This is Mr. McCain's second try to win the Rep's GOP. He lost to President GW Bush in 2000. Anyway, it was quite clear that McCain was going to clinch the nomination this time though especially when Mitt Romney decided to concede much earlier. It would have happened sooner if Mr. Huckabee conceded much earlier just like him. Why didn't he? Your guess is just as good as mine.

On the Democrat's side, it's still an ongoing battle between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hilary Clinton. There is no clear leader for this two yet because everytime one wins one, the other comes back and wins the next one. It seems that these two Senators will fight it till the end.

One of the things I don't really care to read about, hear or see or watch on TV is when Senators Obama and Clinton start ripping each other apart. Since both are adamant that they are are going to win, they tend to criticize each other more instead of just concentrating on the issues at hand...i.e. their platforms. They even called each other LIAR at some point. So if and when one of them wins the GOP for the Democrats, yes only one will win that for their party, will the non-winner [ok, loser] back the winner? One thing is sure though, whoever clinches that nomination will definitely make history.

After all these, comes the election which is the real 'competition'. But with all the brouhaha of the primary, I wonder if people will even care about the election anymore. They better be, right? America's future is dependent on the next President.


Gorgeous MUM said…
are you a democrat or republican?

anyways, just wanna thank you for those comforting words that made me feel grateful having a dear friend here!

thanks for always!

god bless!
Unknown said…
the raise for the presidency in USA seems to be getting personal

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