Leaving A Child in the Car...


... resulting to some serious health problems or even death is a crime I cannot tolerate. I guess it's normal for mothers like me to feel that way but I'm pretty sure that even those who are not mothers feel the same way.

Having said that, I just came across a news about a mother in Chicago who is now facing trial for doing that. A lot of other mothers and even fathers had done this in the past but some did not make it to the headlines. Some of them even resulted to the death of the child. What's different with this one? For one, nothing bad happened to the baby. Great, right? Not quite...especially not for the mother.

So what happened? According to the news, the mother left her 2-year old baby sleeping in the car while she walked her 2 older children to the bell ringer to pour coins in a Salvation Army kettle. She was only a few yards away from her car and was gone for a few minutes.

Why did she leave her child in the car? It was sleeting outside and she thought it's better to leave her sleeping child in the car - locked, with the alarm on - than to take her with them. She was just a few yards away for a few minutes. The police officer didn't agree with that and arrested the mother right there and then.

So the mother did not forget about her child in the car. Does that excuse her from doing what she did? Maybe not. Does she deserve to go to jail for doing that? I don't know. I am torn on this one actually. I can see why she should get some kind of a punishment for doing what she did but going to jail is not one I would want her to get. I'm not sure what punishment though she should get or if she even deserves to get any.

Does she deserve to go to jail?


tx sweetie said…
hmm i think going to jail is quite in my own opinion.namatay naman kaya ang baby? ilang taon ba?

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