"Let's Talk About Your Job", ....


...was what our little girl told her Dad over the phone a while ago. I'm still laughing about it every time I think of it. So how did that come about?

My husband always calls us after lunch - his lunch. Every time he does, the little one HAS to talk to him...she HAS to. Usually she would just tell him a joke or just tell him something that he already knows....LOL. Anyway, when he called today after his lunch she of course spoke with him. So they were having their usual conversation, no joke this time though. Since our little one is so much into the 'cat-dog' games right now, that's usually her favorite topic to talk about. My husband on the other hand has had enough of the cat-dog thing. Not only because our little one talks about it non-stop day in day out but because he's been hearing about this game ever since he was a young boy.

So she was talking about cat-dog again. After a while Dad asked her if they could talk about something else. Our little one didn't even miss a beat and told him: "Let's talk about your Job then..". Plain and simple. So for the duration of their phone conversation that's what they talked about...HIS JOB! I just thought it's funny how she thought of that just to keep the conversation going.

Yep, we have a chatter box in the house and I wouldn't exchange her for anything else even if she wears my ears off.


Gorgeous MUM said…
oh, that's cute! kids really grow up fast these days! you'll just be amazed at their level of thinking!

smart girl you have there!
J said…
that was really amazing. grabe chatter box mo.just curious, she goes to school na ba?

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