A Man is Pregnant.....????


I just saw this in the local news here. I am browsing the net while I am waiting for the news itself and guess what?? I came across the 'pregnant man'! Well, legally he's a man but he is a transgender so he's originally a woman. He's married to a girl.

He has not been having his menstrual cycle for 8 yrs when they decided to do this. This is the second attempt as the first one was not successful. According to the news, this is a healthy pregnancy. I wonder what those pills he had been taking to become and stay a man will do the the baby???

Anyway, I remember the time when there was a similar news in the Philippines about a gay man being pregnant. It turned out to be a hoax as he was REALLY a [gay] man.

If you want to see the pregnant 'man'. Here's a link to his picture.


mjsterling said…
ahhhhhhhhhhhh now I know kung bakit pregnant siya..i was really confused when I read about this article, cant believe kasi kung bakit naging buntis..
Nova said…
i see... i bet nobody could turn a real man pregnant.. only one person i know WHO CAN DO ALL THE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS PERFECT..."HIM"

anyways, thanks for sharing, i was stoned when i read your heading...

thanks for the comforting words sis, that helps me become more stronger in choosing the other path rather than staying here...

thank you so much te juls

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