Movie Date....

.....went great! We tried to keep it under wraps so the little one didn't have any idea we were going to watch Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

We first went to visit our new house to divert her attention. The house is almost done. Yay! My husband said that if everything goes on schedule, we could be moving in 2 weeks. I have boxes that have been packed already so I am ready...I think. Nah...not even close actually.

Oh, I'm talking about the movie date, right? Soweee...So we went to the house then drove back to the movie theater near our place - Hollywood 18. I was observing the little one secretly because we would be passing by our street on the way to Hollywood 18. As soon as she saw our street I saw her face changed and started asking.."Daddy you're driving too fast...our house is there. You just passed it". We just started laughing. We still didn't tell her so we were bombarded with 'Where are we going?" all the way to the movie house.

We went to the matinee so there were not a lot of people and it's cheaper. Yay again...LOL. Majority of the movie goers were kids as expected but we still told our little one that she should be quiet even if the other kids talk..and she was, most of the time anyway. As soon as we got there, the first thing she noticed was...POP CORN smell. So after paying for the ticket, we of course, had to get a big bucket of pop corn and some drinks.

The movie is entertaining enough but not extra ordinary, I would say. The husband and I liked it for the most part but seeing our little girl enjoying it made it ever more special. So for those with kids out there, go and see it with your little ones. I'm sure you will have fun just by watching them having fun with this kiddie movie.


hmmm... kami din for sure manonood nyan. sa march22 p ang showing dto e. my kid is such a movie addict, mana sa aming mag-asawa. at d age of 3, marunong n syang manuod sa loob ng sinehan, nd lang cartoons, sci-fi and action movies pa. nd man lang na natakot sa loob ng movie theatre nung first time nya :)

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