Night Y'all!!!


O di ba parang si Brit Brit ako bigla...y'all...LOL. Just thought I'd post one last time here before heading to bed. My 'babies' are both in Lala land already. The little one went to bed a wee bit late because Dad had to work late tonight.

She does not like going to bed without saying night night to her Dad so I let her watch a DVD while waiting. Btw, her 2 upper front teeth are so loose that they look like they're about to fall out already. She's trying her best to keep them there though...LOL. The good thing is, she won't have toothless smiles because as soon as the baby teeth fall out, the replacements are already there. They come out really quick...don't know why.

Actually, the replacements come in even before the baby teeth fall out. We're starting to worry that she'll have some 'sungki' [overlapping teeth] because of that. I personally like 'sungki' but the husband does not.

Anyway, I was saying goodnight, right? I forgot...bad me. See you all tomorrow...later?? Nighty nite...


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