Of Homeschooling and Working At Home


I have been working at home for about 6 years now. Wow, that’s long. If I didn’t have a daughter I wouldn’t even know how I’ve been doing it that. Having worked at home that long, one might think that I have some kind of a home office, right? Of course I do. It’s right in the middle of the dining table. Well, actually we have a home office at home with the office furniture but I’ve never really used it because it has a lot of my husband’s old stuff and I just don’t want to move them.

Anyway, with the new house, I will definitely make sure that the home office will be a shared office between me and my husband. That means that I will have my own space and so will he. I am looking for some office tables right now that we can purchase so when the time comes that we move, they will be ready. While looking for the tables, I am also trying to find some school furniture. You see, I have been homeschooling our little one and I want her to have a space in our house where it will feel somewhat like school. I’m well aware that I may not be able to duplicate that ‘school’ atmosphere at home but having a few pieces of school furniture like chairs they use in school will probably be a good idea. All these talk of getting new furniture and setting up a home office is making me all excited about our impending move.


Ritchelle said…
WOW talagang napaka full of excitement naman nyan....I am sure you won't need to share space,each of you should have your own offices,hahaha.malaki naman un di po ba?

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