On the Road Again...with GPS Pal


Driving is one of the things I still have to learn. Yeah, I am told it’s not that hard but hey, I have not done it before so it’s hard, ok? Anyway, the driving itself is not the one I am afraid of. I am more afraid of getting lost. Yes, I am “direction challenged” so one of the requirements I have before I start driving is having a GPS installed in our car. And my husband agreed to that. His only concern is where to place it. As a first time driver, he does not want me to be distracted by anything especially not something in the car like wires from the GPS itself so it is such a good coincidence when I came across this GPS Pal.

Yes, it is a holder for the GPS itself. It is portable and it can be placed on one of those cup holders in the car. That means I don’t have to put it on the dashboard which can block my view when I’m on the road. The excess wires can also be tucked into holder under insert. Isn’t that handy? So if you are looking for something affordable to hold that GPS you have so you can put it on a strategic place in your car, check this GPS Pal in gpspal.net. I did and I may just be on the road tomorrow. Maybe…


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