Oyster Awareness....for Oyster Lovers

Living near the Gulf of Mexico has a lot of advantages. Our house is just about 5 minutes away from it so we can just get up and go to the beach anytime we want to. Aside from that, seafood is plentiful. I am a very big seafood eater. I like crabs, shrimps and fish but if there is one seafood that I have not really tried eating is oyster. Gulf oysters and some other seafood are usually the main attraction in most of the hospital by the beach here. I see a lot of people enjoying the sea food especially the oysters but I just cannot bring myself to eat them. I just know that a lot of people like to eat this creature of the sea raw. Why is that? I’m not really sure why.

So I tried to look for information about oysters online. One website that has extensive information about this specific is Be Oyster Aware. As you tell with the name of the website, it’s all about oyster. I found a lot of recipes as well as some interesting facts and figures on oyster and all the good it can give those who love to eat it. Aside from that, the website also has some precautionary measures for those who just love oysters. I didn’t know that there are people who are considered at-risk when it comes to oyster consumption. It’s a very informative site indeed. So if you love oyster or you know anyone who likes to devour this seafood, then Be Oyster Aware is a good source of information. Everyone must read what’s in this website. Why? This is because having too much information about oyster is much better than being at risk.


Norm said…
hmm ang sarap din nito sis naglalaway din ako, hehehhe

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